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Our Case


The past few years have seen many upheavals in both national and international educational value chains. As a consequence, principles that have stood as the foundation of our collective educational system can no longer be taken for granted. Disruptions, ranging from the current sweeping tide of scandals (Operation Varsity Blues), Covid Crisis, to the scope and scale of technology, all challenge established customs and values  which we are familiar with.


At Njebach Consulting, we are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients, helping prospective students and young professionals at all levels and universities pursuing transformational change through quality, affordable and fast study and travel abroad advisory services that are uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. We strive for excellence across all of our service lines with commitment to prosper humanity.



As we approach the emerging era of the 4IR, we are also approaching a tipping point for new skills agenda, with new benchmarks for what constitutes good education and a good investment. The defining expectation: good education and investments will deliver competitive opportunities for growth while helping millennials overcome their biggest challenges – skills gap, and in so doing will enable sustained returns for greater societal impact.


Njebach Consulting is an exceptional hybrid consulting boutique that helps prospects with end-to-end study and travel abroad consulting services, and higher education institutions with student recruitment. We are dedicated to student flow, fostering their pride of place and career acceleration through unique collaborative concept that breeds trust, transparency and accountability. We connect prospective students and young professionals at all levels to co-create and deliver results that matters most to them through our leading-edge advisory services.


No matter how complex your study and travel abroad questions are, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move and overcome the challenges ahead of you through our Benchmarking Tool for Study and Travel Abroad  (BTSTA).


As a hybrid enterprise, our services are rooted and grounded in social impact for good –  to prosper humanity through higher education. As such, we deliver impeccable client experiences and high quality services at almost zero cost.


We are united by our great client values and work tirelessly to achieve optimum and sustained results. Driven and inspired by operational improvement initiatives, our proactive and dedicated team of experts take ownership to work with clients to define and build an ideal success model that guarantee admissibility.


Each study and travel abroad solution we offer caters for the unique background and abilities of the client involve which follows a distinct benchmarking process that has been perfected through years of experience. Not only does our approach allow us to develop well crafted solutions that address post-study and travel pain, it also helps us look towards the future and prepare for new challenges.



Our experts are always ready and happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your desired outcomes.